The Muckle Backit Oven

We are wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza makers specialising in the use of local and seasonal produce.

Our pizza dough is made using just 4 ingredients and cold proved for at least 72hrs to give full flavour to our pizza and also reduce the gluten content. 

When it comes to toppings we use locally grown organic veg when possible (we specialise in vegan) and mainly Scottish meats to create a New York / L.A style pizza experience.

We also love to use our large wood-fired oven to cook ingredients to make up accompanying salads. sides and canapés. Our pizza's come in different sizes from personal 8" up to large slices from a 16"

Please get in touch about topping combinations as we have many and again it depends on the time of year and what is available. We've included some of our best sellers in the pictures here and of course, we will cater for any requests.
American Canapes Italian Mediterranean Pizza Salad Scottish Vegan
£5 - £8 £8 - £10 £10 - £15 £15+


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