Dog n Bon Street Food

Dog n Bon Street Food is a local pop up catering unit that specialises in the tastiest gourmet hot dogs, loaded fries and a selection hand rolled bon bons. We pride ourselves on sourcing the very best ingredients for our menu; our hot dogs are imported from Germany (home of the Frankfurter), we only use fresh, locally sourced produce for all our toppings and our buns are bespoke brioche hot dog buns, specifically created for us by a local baker. 

What you will find on our menu that makes us unique, is our selection of bon bons. Bon bons are deep fried, bite sized balls that come with a variety of fillings and are either rolled in a panko breadcrumb or a seasoned flour mix. Some of our popular bons are our haggis bons, mac n cheese bons and our newly crafted buffalo bons which is our take on popcorn chicken served with a buffalo hot sauce. 

To top off our menu, we offer a selection of loaded fries. We like to use skin on fries and you can have them loaded with your choice from chilli con carne, cheese sauce or BBQ pulled pork. 

We can be available for hire for all events including; weddings, birthdays, festivals and outdoor events. 

Contact us now to see how we can cater for your event. 
£5 - £8


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