Dough Man's Land

Two brothers from Glasgow with a passion for food, people and the great outdoors decided to do something about there shared interests, and so one night over beer and pizza, Dough Man's Land was born.
We make handmade, wood fired pizza from our converted vintage horse box. It is bespoke, unique and can be taken pretty much anywhere, which is handy because we love a ramble.
Our pizzas are made using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients using an oven that can reach a temperature of over 500 degrees, meaning our pizzas can be ready in under 90 seconds. As we can turn around pizzas so fast, it means we can cater for any event,
which is also handy as we love a good knees up. 
From weddings to corporate shin digs, we can cover it all.
So if you like the cut of our jib, fancy a quote or just want to have chat more about what we do,   send us a message!
£5 - £8


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