Tempo is the first stand alone Bubble Tea in Scotland.  Bubble tea is a popular Taiwanese drink which you can have either fruity or milky and come with 'toppings' of popping juice balls or chewy tapioca - it's like a snack in a drink!  We wanted to bring more Eastern treats to the West which is why we started this.  Since we begun in 2013 we have adapted our recipes to focus more on health and well-being and now all our bubble teas are reduced in sugar and supplemented with vitamin c.  We also offer a full range of add-ons from protein to cbd oil to probiotics!  

We have our 'boba bus' where we can serve drinks from and do events and festivals, so we're quite flexible on how we can service others - with bulk drink orders or hiring us to create the drinks for you.

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£5 - £8


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